Real Estate

  • Potential buyers envision themselves in the property

  • Illustrates the story of the property 

  • Offering a different viewpoint of the real estate

  • Shows accurate property lines

  • Highlights landscaping features and spacious lots

  • Adds overall production value to a listing 

  • Shows off special and key features

  • Great marketing tool to sell listings fast 

  • Receive edited videos back in a timely fashion


  • Recorded Ceremony for sentimental purposes  

  • Social media-specific content - include friends and family who couldn’t make it, in person

  • Behind The Scenes - candid captures of the wedding party prep process

  • Detailed shots of the venue, dress, rings, table settings, etc. 

  • Video messages from family and friends at the reception


  • Highlight big plays and big moments  

  • Tell the story of a player, game, season, or workout

  • Social Media specific content

  • Available for teams or individuals 

  • Videos assists in getting recruited by collages

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