Real Estate Videography

Quality Videos

Mesh Media shoots with high-end DSLR cameras. We also use motorized gimbals to make the shots silky smooth. Our videos are designed to give a story to the property - showing it off in a way to catch the attention of interested buyers.

What to expect from Mesh Media?

We schedule a time for our agent to shoot when the lighting looks best on the house or property.   For an average “4 bedroom/ 3 bath” house a shoot can take approximately 90 minutes. A member of Mesh Media walks through the house and takes a video of every room, including the front and back yards and any surrounding landscapes and features. When the shooting process is finished the video is edited to music, and the overall color of the footage is expertly enhanced and corrected. When editing is completed the video is shared back to your company over an email. At this point, you can give any needed feedback and/or corrections or if it meets your expectations you can simply start uploading and distributing the video.

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