Real Estate

  • Interested buyers vision themselves in the house

  • Get a different viewpoint of the house

  • Show property lines

  • Highlight landscaping features and spacious lots

  • Add overall production value to a listing 

  • Show off special and key features of a house 

  • Great for marketing to sell the house faster 

  • Get the edited video back in a timely fashion 


  • Have the ceremony recorded so you can look back 

  • Post on social media so family that couldn't make it still get the experience of the wedding

  • Show off that stunning wedding dress

  • Get detailed shots of the venue

  • Video messages from family at the wedding 


  • Show off highlights and big plays 

  • Can tell the story of a game, season, or workout

  • Available for a team or individual players 

  • Get video on tape to help get recruited by collages