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Gave my resume to Logan Paul

Yesterday I gave my resume to Logan Paul. I know this sounds crazy but it is true. I was at working outside when a bartender from our neighboring restaurant came by and showed us a selfie she got with the superstar boxer. She had told us that logan was next door at a restaurant eating outside. I walked over and sure enough, it was him sitting there with 2 of his boys. When I saw him sitting there I decided I needed to jump on this opportunity. It just so happened that earlier that day I had printed out 10 of my resumes to hand out to employers when I am out and about in New York City. I rushed back inside and asked one of my managers if I should give Logan Paul my resume. He said, “Do it, Do it”. I ran down to my bag and grabbed the freshly printed paper and stormed back up adrenaline pumping. I planned and practiced what I was going to say once before I walked out to the street and up to his table. “ Hello, Logan, sorry to disturb you while you're eating but I wanted to give you my resume and business card. I'm a huge fan of what you're doing and would love any opportunity that you could give me.” Logan grabbed my resume and said, “Cool man, what is your name?” I responded and then he gave me a fist bump. The same fist he used to beat the shit out of Floyd Mayweather blessed my hand. I told him that I was grateful for his time and that I hope to be hearing from him soon. I walked away from the table knowing that he probably was not going to call or email me. I was very proud of myself for taking the opportunity to go up and say something because especially in New York it is easy to let a moment like that pass you by.

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